Normalized Democratic Corruption

We have to get overwhelming numbers of people to the polls from now on! Election tampering and voter disenfranchisement are incredibly common means of political corruption, through which democratic processes are subverted to benefit the ruling class and to violate the rights of everyday citizens. This was nothing new, when Hillary Clinton stole the primary from Bernie Sanders and then Donald Trump stole the general election from her.

I remember in 2000, Florida officials suppressed the vote and falsified election results. The Republican candidate was awarded the presidency through a US Supreme Court ruling that effectively blocked the legally mandated recount. This is eerily similar to the race in 1876, in which the suppression of votes in Florida led to disenfranchisement and the expropriation of property. The Electoral College votes were rejected and the Republican candidate was awarded the presidency.

Much of this can be traced back to 1812 when Elbridge Gerry enacted a law defining new state senatorial districts. Then, he started drawing the boundaries of electoral districts in a way that gave his party an unfair advantage over the Massachusetts rival by consolidating the party vote in a few districts giving disproportionate representation. As time has passed, state crimes involving suppression tactics have significantly increased in frequency, especially since the 1960’s, continuously undermining election processes through insider manipulations. The recent disparities with the exit polls in the presidential race can attest to this tragic fact.

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