Spiritual Heritage

I come from a really long line of reverence for higher power. I have prayed with my father and he with his, and so on and so forth, all the way back to the first recognition of divinity thousands of generations ago. This is a brief homage in honor of that devotional legacy.

Ten thousand generations ago, my ancestors lived near Lake Turkana in what is now Ethiopia. At that time, rapid changes from nearby volcanic activity helped set the stage for the emergence of our species within the genus, dramatically changing the landscape and the environment in the process. Unfortunately, they were still a very primitive people with incredibly limited tools at their disposal. They were only physically modern, but not yet mentally evolved at that point. So, they still had no faith to get them through it all. Spirituality was completely unknown to them.

The first appearance of religiosity occurred around two-thousand five-hundred generations ago. This was right about the time that my ancestors set out on a great diaspora out of Africa. Within ten thousand years of this they had moved into the area of modern day Germany, while some even made it as far north as Sweden. In Europe, they practiced different pagan rites for the same kind of solstice and equinox festivals in honor of their regional deities. As part of this, they passed down a tremendous wealth of local folklore. Their faith was very much decentralized and tied to family, extending out to the village, but not really much further than that.

Throughout the Middle Ages my medieval ancestors all converted to Christianity, turning away from their pagan past and eventually moving to America. In the 20th century, my mother Marleana and her mother Anna and her mother Ceora raised me as a Quaker. I went to Sunday school religiously as a boy. All of this went into shaping me into the person that I am now. Of course, I identify far more with the ways of my ancestors from two thousand generations ago than that of two hundred, or even just two. Nonetheless, I love each and every one of my parents the same, all the way back to the very first cells, billions of years ago. Actually it extends even further than that, all the way back to the source of it all, when my oldest parent brought forth the universe.

Praise God(dess)((es))
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