The New Age of Man

An Overview of the Anthropocene Theory

According to a growing number of academics, the Anthropocene is the current geological age that we are presently living in. Based on this hypothesis, the Holocene ended with the advent of industry. We now live in a period during which human activity has been, and continues to be, the dominant influence on the environment and climate. The air is composed of a strange mix of gases and even the beaches have fine plastic particles mixed in with the sand. The world is changing as a direct result of our behavior. Ultimately, we are poisoning the planet with toxic material.

This is why certain scientists have taken to calling this the Anthropocene. As the theory goes, the proposed epoch must have begun when human activity started to have significant global impact on geological and ecological systems. Of course, neither the Commission on Stratigraphy nor the Union of Geological Sciences have officially approved the term as a recognized subdivision of Deep Time. Regardless, it would seem to be the case that our impact on the Earth is sufficient enough to warrant this new label.

As an eco-socialist I firmly believe that we have a responsibility to the planet that we live on. Gaia is our Mother and if we don’t change our matricidal ways then we will destroy all of the intelligent life here in our home. The very world is at stake! The detrimental effects that we are having on the planet could easily lead to mass extinctions in the not-too-distant future.

All of the artificial ingredients that we are mixing into everything is creating a recipe for disaster. Shit, the human impact on biodiversity alone could bring about the Earth’s sixth major extinction event. We play the key role in determining the future outcome of our world and that burden is what sets us apart. We have to become stewards of the planet, lest we become victims of it.

Permanent changes in the distribution of life from human influence will be identifiable in the geologic record, and we need to do everything in our power to prevent this as much as possible. We need to preserve our species as extant creatures, not extinct fossils. Our future depends on it. What we do throughout the Anthropocene will determine the course of evolution, from now on…

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