The Artist Naruto

This guy took this picture of himself, along with a number of other selfies. This makes him the creator of the photograph.

Six years ago, David Slater was on a photo shoot in Indonesia. While he was there, a monkey named Naruto got a hold of his camera, and took a bunch of pictures including the self-portrait above. Slater then tried to claim copyright of the images. However, he was denied because he didn’t actually take the pictures. Oddly enough though, the photos are now in the public domain, after Slater went to court on his own behalf, as did PETA on behalf of Naruto.

What do you think? Is anyone entitled to get anything out of this? Personally, I think Naruto should own the rights in conjunction with Slater and they should both be able to benefit from the profits, otherwise nobody should get anything. The point that I’m trying to make is that Naruto deserves to have personhood granted to him. Of course, I don’t actually expect the courts to ever rule in his favor, but it would set a much-needed precedent.

Can you even imagine, “Primates Are People” or whatever the headlines would read? Although, that would get us one step closer to a world that grants every animal the rights they truly deserve. After all, for animal cruelty to ever really end, everyone needs to acknowledge how similar animals really are to us. Then, laws could be put in place to ban all the captivity and the consumption and everything else that we do to fauna.

Every animal is someone. That is to say, an individual with personhood.

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