The Myth of American Exceptionalism

The classic understanding of American exceptionalism characterizes the United States as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty. But this is becoming less and less true as time goes on. Contrary to what die-hard patriots espouse, we are NOT #1.

The global superpower that America used to be has now been relegated to the propaganda of our national consciousness. China and Russia are playing much bigger parts in the world than we are these days. Europe is a dominant force as well, spreading Western values of their own. Americanization is no longer synonymous with Globalization, the way it was decades ago.

Throughout the world, more and more countries are competing with America to get their own currency and cultural standards to rise to the top. Look at the role that Russia currently plays in the Middle East or the Baltic states. America just doesn’t have what it takes. We have done a piss poor job of policing the planet, and we are in no position to lead by example.

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