Why becoming a Dad was a blessing and how Islam has changed my perspective and made me transform into a better person…

So, in 2016 my son, Raheem Slack was born. But as it suggests in the title, I kind of took that for granted. In the same year, I started a University degree in BA Sports Journalism, which I will complete in 2019.

I have to admit things were hard at first. My Mum wouldn’t leave me and my wife (Mariam) alone and I struggled to develop a bond with Raheem, who celebrated his second birthday on July the 22nd.

I suppose I thought I had freedom, so when it came to starting University, I became selfish and I was not very nice to my wife and son. It wasn’t right. It was immoral. I am supposed to love them — but whilst I was drinking, Mariam had to deal with Raheem. It makes me sick in the stomach thinking about it now. Why would I do that to the two most important people in my life?

They are both so precious to me, there is no doubt about that. But I was immature. I thought I could get away with murder. And admittedly, I probably did. I should have been there, at home thinking about Mariam and our beautiful son, Raheem — looking ahead to the future with them.

Looking back on it now, I do wish I approached the whole situation differently. Of course socialising is important when you first start University, but not to the extent where you are getting extensively drunk and not remembering things. That isn’t fun — especially when you have a wife and a baby.

I am now a Muslim, though. I was never that religious when I was younger but now I am maturing day-by-day. I have finally made the decision to knock the drink on its head. Not because it was haram, although that was one of the reasons, but more the fact to how much pain it caused my beautiful son and Mariam in the past.

I am moving on now. I love them to bits. I want a better lifestyle, with them in my life, and to cherish every single moment with them. They’re both so precious to me and I never want them to experience what I did to them in that first week of University, because it was wrong on so many fronts. Now it’s my time to prove to Mariam that I can be the best husband she ever wished for — and Raheem to be proud of his Daddy, because although he can be naughty, like all two-year-olds can be, he is turning out to be a wonderful little boy and I cannot wait for what the future holds — but hopefully, with some luck (I have faith), I will move in with them when I have a steady job and when I graduate from my Sports Journalism degree next year. I am providing for them all the time now, it makes me feel good. And every good deed is noticed by Allah, I know he will always watch over us and keep us all safe, because nobody means more to me than my wife and son.

Its good to realise that. But I am just lucky I have a very forgiving wife who adores me to the moon and back. I want to now give to her what she gave to me when we first got together. And I will pour my heart out for her — and always be there for her every step of the way because she is gorgeous, funny and kind.

I can’t wait for this adventure to continue with them, because they’re so special and divine to be around. I need to keep them for life now, for my own sanity because they’re the thing that keep me wanting to wake up each and every day and it gives me a massive incentive to be successful. Especially for my son, who was brought into this world courtesy of a gift from Allah.

Now, my two darlings, I promise I will make you feel like you are the only thing that matters in this world. Because guess what, you’re. Never ever forget that Mariam and Raheem.

I am always looking over you, too. Because you both mean that much to me and I wouldn’t swap either of you for anything in this world. I can assure you that is a promise, as well.

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