22 Things I’m Not Really Sorry For

  1. I’m sorry that my car is from 1996, it’s all I can really afford.
  2. I’m sorry that my family doesn't own a business, or even ever have more than $1,000 in the bank.
  3. I’m sorry that I don’t have a perfect smile, it’s why I don’t smile in my photos.
  4. I’m sorry that I’m too skinny, and don’t have muscles
  5. I’m sorry that I have chest/stomach hair, it’s not going away. Shaving gives me ingrown hairs, and I’m done trying.
  6. I’m sorry that you think I’m a prude, I don’t like having sex in general, much less with strangers.
  7. I’m sorry that I sometimes drink to hide mild depression, it’s hard to feel good when I’m constantly told that I’m no good.
  8. I’m sorry that I tried to hang out with you and interrupted your plans. I didn’t want to be alone.
  9. I’m sorry that I spend so much time on my iPhone. It’s my gateway to pretending for just a moment that I don’t live in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  10. I’m sorry that I’m always late for everything, I haven’t figured out the concept of time or money yet.
  11. I’m sorry that I don’t really care about what Kim Kardashian tweeted last night.
  12. I’m sorry that you talk so poorly of me, I will try to do better so that you’ll like me and say good things.
  13. I’m sorry that I’m not more masculine.
  14. I’m sorry that nobody in my family has a college degree, including myself.
  15. I’m sorry that I don’t want to be in debt, I will survive without a new car and I’m comfortable renting an apartment.
  16. I’m sorry I don’t fit your idea of who I am or what I should be doing.
  17. I’m sorry that I’m so insecure sometimes. Occasionally it’s nice to get a compliment instead of being reminded of how flawed I am.
  18. I’m sorry that sometimes I think about taking the next bus to wherever it goes. I did it once before and occasionally wonder why I ever stopped.
  19. I’m sorry I won’t help you talk poorly of someone just because of their appearance or what they’re wearing. I was raised to think differently.
  20. I’m sorry you think my standards are low. I generally date based on compatibility rather than other factors.
  21. I’m sorry for writing this article. I’m sorry that for just a moment, I was vulnerable and showed my emotion in a world where you aren’t supposed to.
  22. I’m sorry that you can’t handle other people being ‘better’ than you.

But I can, because fuck feeling like I’m less than myself. Every day that I’m alive I try to be better than myself.

I’m alive — and that’s pretty fucking cool.

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