Dog Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is filled with festivities that are fun for humans. However the rowdy day, filled with loud noises, can be scary for your dog and even cat. Sounds that can frighten your pet include:

  • Screaming
  • Fireworks
  • Cars honking
  • Parade noises
  • Loud, drunken partiers
  • Commotion that lasts well into the night

Spending as much time at home with your pet is a good idea as you presence helps them feel more secure.

If your pet isn’t used to lots of people and you decide to host a party, try to keep your dog and cat separated from the guests. Give them a safe, quiet space to relax. This will help reduce noise-related anxiety.

Walk Your Dog Early

During the St. Patrick’s Day parade there are thousands of people in the streets.

Your pup still needs their daily walk, but you don’t want to subject them to the craziness in the city. Your best bet is to get your dog out for her walk early in the day, preferably before the parades start.

By going out early, you can avoid some of the rowdy crowds. Even better if you can take your pup for an early jog, or long walk, it will help tire him or her out making them less likely to be anxious later.

Tip: walk in areas that are far from bars, restaurants, and parade gathering areas.

Keep Your Dog Away from Alcohol

Dogs, in general, don’t like the taste of alcohol, but the sweetness of some mixed drinks can smell and taste good to your pup.

Alcohol can be lethal for your dog or cat. Keep all drinks out of your pets reach to avoid accidents.

Keep Your Dog Secure

Loud noises scare dogs. That’s why the fireworks of the 4th of July lead to more pets running away than any other day of the year.

St. Patrick’s Day presents similar dangers for your dog (and cat).

When you walk your dog, double-check their tags, collar, and leash. Make sure they are extra secure.

Keep your dog safe by keeping him or her inside during the parade.

Again, if you’re having a party think about how your pets will react if they get spooked and there’s an open door, will the bolt? If your pup has a propensity to run make sure they’re safely secure in another room, or a crate if he or she is properly crate trained.

If your dog has a favorite hiding spot, give them access to it and let them wait out the noise there.

St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun holiday and with a little extra preparation on your part your pet can enjoy the evening in a quiet place, safe and sound.

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