4 Benefits of Daily Exercise for Your Dog

Your dog is a natural athlete who needs regular exercise. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, regular exercise for your dog helps reduce anxiety and release stress that can make him happier and more relaxed.

I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per day for a daily total of 90 minutes for every dog. A long morning walk, followed by an afternoon jog, and an evening walk or play session at the dog park with friends is a great balance. Jogging specifically is a great way to burn off pent up energy. During jogs, dogs, like humans, release endorphins that have numerous benefits, but mostly provide happiness and release stress allowing him to relax (and sleep) better.

My clients often note that the 90-minute rule is challenging for them as they work demanding full time jobs. The fast pace of many urban cities adds to the dilemma. If these challenges sound familiar to you, you’re not alone, and I would advise you to consider hiring a professional dog jogger to help out when needed. Your pup’s exercise is critical to his well-being and he is counting on you to ensure his needs are met.

Mental Health Benefits

An under exercised dog is likely to be bored and frustrated. Luckily there’s an easy solution to this, get your pup moving around! Take her for brisk jogs, long walks, and carve our some dedicated playtime. All of these activities will result in mental stimulation that will eliminate her boredom and reduce her anxiety.

Multiples studies have shown that an under-stimulated dog is more likely to:

  • Suffer from anxiety
  • Be destructive (chewing shoes, digging in trash cans, destroying furniture)
  • Bark excessively
  • Display obsessive behaviors

Social Benefits

Outdoor activities such as visiting the dog park, walks through the park, even a stroll down a city street have social benefits for you and your pup. Dogs are very social by nature and typically enjoy meeting new people and making new canine friends while out for their walks. This helps with their socialization and also gives them new and exciting situations that provide mental stimulation.

Physical Health Benefits

Dogs of all ages need to exercise and most love to walk! Even seniors like to get out and take a long stroll with their favorite human every day. Daily exercise helps your dog build strong bones, joints, ligaments, lungs, and heart.

Humans go to the gym to improve muscle tone, lose fat, and improve health. Walking and jogging are the gym for your pup. Walking a little longer or a little faster each day improves their strength and stamina.

High-energy pups such as working and herding breeds need as much physical and mental stimulation as you can provide them. They were bred to do things like herd sheep, assist with farm chores, guard flocks, or help humans in some way. Without work or enough exercise these types of dogs easily become bored, restless, and anxious when cooped up all day.

Longer Life

Many studies have concluded that dogs that maintain their ideal weight live longer.

Providing your dog an active lifestyle is the best way to help him lose or maintain weight. Reducing his food intake may be part of the solution, but only if he’s being over fed, otherwise it will create mental stress. It’s much better to create a caloric deficit by exercising with your dog.

Remember the 90-minute rule of daily exercise for your dog! Not only will you be helping your pups physical and mental health but also the time you spend doing activities together will deepen your bond with them.

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