The Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller

Dog strollers seem like an odd topic, I know. But while it might seem strange to push your pup around town in a dog stroller there are times when letting them ride is better than having them walk. While you likely won’t be rushing out to buy a stroller for your dog lets review a few instances where they can actually help out.

Senior Dogs:

Your senior pup might only be able to manage a short walk. Even if they’re in great shape and regularly enjoy walks with you, they may have the occasional flare up of joint pain and need to rest for a day.

Rather than have them sit in the house, getting stir crazy, you can put them in a stroller and take a long walk. Your senior dog gets the benefit of seeing and smelling the world while putting no stress on their joints.

Injured Dogs:

If your pup is recovering from a broken bone, sprained joint, muscle strain, or illness, a stroller allows them to get out and about without stressing their bodies too much and putting them at risk for further injury.

As your vet guides you through the healing process, they may recommend short walks to start, then slowly building from there.

· Allowing your recovering pup to take a short relief walk and then continue on in a stroller can help him feel like he’s staying in his routine.

· Plus, they get a half hour or more of outdoor activity.

Sick Dogs:

When your pup doesn’t feel well, getting them to the vet can be a struggle.

If your dog is too heavy for you to carry more than a few feet, just getting them from the car to the waiting room can be quite a struggle.

When the unexpected happens, having a stroller on hand can make the logistics of getting your pup the care she needs much easier.

· Also, keep in mind if you decide to purchase a stroller that a stroller that allows the top to be closed around your dog will also help your pup feel more secure at places such as the vet’s office.

Remember, there will be plenty of nervous humans, medicinal smells, and other dogs in the waiting room. Letting your dog feel more protected will reduce her stress waiting for the vet.

Multiple Dogs, Multiple Activity Levels

If you are lucky enough to have a multi-dog home, you know that walking different dogs, of different ages or activity levels, can be frustrating at times.

· Using a stroller is a great way to get everyone walking together.

For example, everyone starts off walking together, but when your lower energy, older, or less active pup wants to call it a day, he can go in the stroller and you can continue right along on your walk with your higher-energy dog.

Air Travel

Air travel is challenging enough when it’s just you and only gets harder from there when you decide to bring the pup. Driving to the airport, checking in at the gate and at security, waiting for your flights departure, and then ground transportation to your final destination. That’s a lot of time on the go and having a nice quiet secure place for your pup will make the process much easier. A stroller can help both you and your dog get through your travels more comfortably. They can help you get them to your destination without putting unnecessary physical strain on them.

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