What People Who Worked At Google Know That You Probably Don’t
Hunter Walk

There are thousands of companies out there that don’t have any or enough people who possess the kind of experience or skills articulated here. How does such a company attract one of those people and not choke them into a smoldering wick before infusing some portion of their perspective into the culture — especially when the company is in the Silicon Prairie, not the Valley?

I’ve been in a startup that didn’t go anywhere, a small business with twenty people, and a global corporation with 20,000 spread across the world. One didn’t have time to form a culture, another is in the awkward teenager stage of developing a culture, and the other has a very clear culture that could use a little less routine and a little more “spark.”

The small company president has great experience in product, but is quickly overwhelmed when faced with cultural clashes. The big company president is so far removed from the 90% (à la 90/9/1) that the majority of produced momentum is lost in the friction of propagation.

There is a glimpse of hope near where my team resides in a director who came from outside and isn’t interested in modus operandi as making us operate as well as possible. As part of the leadership team under this director, I’m eager to maintain the momentum without creating the friction. However, not having direct experience with the cultural champs described previously, I don’t have a keen awareness of what is missing. Fortunately for the brave soul who is willing to embrace a challenge, the cost of living in the Midwest is low, and I happen to be hiring.