The Democrats can offer only ratfucking
Jeanette Jing

You had me until you pretty much accused everyone of being white nationalists. What’s the point of that. You had a good message and then you had to go label people again. That’s pretty much the same as “Russia!”, thinking that we’re all white nationalists. True, I’m not a globalist. I want to see the US succeed again. But I want to see it succeed for everyone, and if that means giving him a chance, so be it. I gave Obama a chance, but after a few years I saw he was more divisive, but no one on the left said anything because “he’s black! That’s why you don’t like him!”. My point is, if people are always labeled and put in boxes, we’ll never learn to get along again. Stop assuming that everyone is racist. That’s another part of the reason that the Dems lost so much.