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I am 38, tall, athletic and still in relatively good shape (I am not filling out a profile I swear. Relatively in shape is not an option from what I hear anyway 🙄) considering I have had 2 back surgeries and I put myself through hell for 36 years.

I wrote a blog and how CBD has benefitted me, however, I focused more on the mental health side of things and not how it benefitted me physically. For all of the mental benefits CBD has had for me, it is the physical nature in which it has helped me that makes me most excited to be a part of the team at Bespoke Extracts!

As I mentioned earlier I have had 2 back surgeries and each surgery offered a completely different experience. The first surgery I had was an S1-L5 fusion and scraped bone marrow out of my hip to do voodoo with my stem cells and magically heal me. Seemed like a terrific idea because I do believe in the power of stem cells for healing spinal cord injuries and even in some skin care products.

I spent 18 years in complex rehab medical equipment working with ALS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, CVA and people with spinal cord injuries. I remember a high school football coach who was using a mouth operated power wheelchair who had 2 stem cell treatments and was able to walk with a walker. Do you know how amazing that is?!?!?

For all of the inspiring stories I can give you, I would also like to point out the impression that pain pill addiction and abuse made on me. I was terrified of getting hooked on the pills because I knew what kind of horror show it would create. I also did not want to be bed bound, walking with a brace and unable to workout for 6 months or longer. A progressive Dr friend of mine suggested we make CBD brownies after hearing my concerns about pain medication.

Believe it or not, I primarily used CBD to aid in my recovery from the back surgery and started working out with a brace 2 weeks later. Honest to God that is true. I used a few pain pills at the very beginning however never more than one time a day and only for a few days. If you have had back surgery you understand what a miracle this is.

My second back surgery was a different story. Come to find out that miracle bone marrow stem cell therapy voodoo did not repair my spine and I had to have another surgery a year later. I was not in pain however structurally I was very weak and getting in a car accident probably did not help me any. I was not able to get CBD this surgery and I ended up using pain medication.

For some reason, my system burned through the prescribed medication really quickly and they had to give me the longer lasting pills. Looking back at it, I thank God they gave me the smallest milligram dosage because I was hooked, and hooked fast. It got to a point that I did not know if I was in pain or dope sick. Nevermind not being able to #2. I drank Castor Oil and it still did not help me. I got scared because the medication was poisoning my mind. It was making me a little crazy and I could not control my emotions or my moods. I had to stop taking this life crippling drug as soon as possible so I locked myself in my bedroom for a few days to end the madness and it was miserable.

Thank God I have not had more surgeries but if I ever have too, I know what I am using. I am not saying that because I am working with Bespoke Extracts now either. My real life experiences are exactly why I asked to work with them! I am here on this planet to help people and try to guide them to the right things. This is a personal mission for me.

Look, I am not a doctor and I can only speak from my personal experiences and share other peoples testimonials. That said there is awesome new research coming out about CBD. I just read today that CBD can be used to heal fractures on Tel Aviv University’s American Friends website.

“While there is still a lot of work to be done to develop appropriate therapies…We found CBD alone to be sufficiently effective in enhancing fracture healing. Other studies have also shown CBD to be a safe agent, that leads us to believe we should continue this line of study in clinical trials to assess its usefulness in improving human fracture healing.” A new study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, conducted by Yankel Gabet of Tel Aviv’s Bone Research laboratory said.

Mind blown!

Originally published at on July 26, 2017.