Joshua Thomas
Dec 31, 2018 · 3 min read

The ‘Transformers’ movie franchise has fallen into a pretty standard routine. Big action set pieces, simple plot, and lots of Autobots and Decepticons to battle out over earth. The first ‘Transformers’ in 2007 had great success with this formula, it was a fun summer blockbuster that was a fun ride to watch. As the years have gone by, the films have become stagnant and become less about the story, and more about explosions and overly sexual cheap jokes. The fact is, the story has no longer become the focus and that leaves any movie without a soul.

From the early trailers of this new movie, I had some excitement. It looked much smaller in the scope of the film, but also gave me the feeling that this had more of a focus on the story. After seeing this movie, I was so happy at the fact that this movie had soul. The story was simple, and it takes the viewer on a journey through the eyes of two misfits.

Two misfits who are lost, and help each other find a home. This simple plot gives the movie soul.

We have our Autobot hero, Bumblebee, sent out as a last hope for his people to scout out earth and is stalked by two deceitful Decepticons. We then introduce our human hero, Charlie, an eighteen-year-old girl who recently lost her father trying to process this loss and what that means for her future moving forward. This is the core of the film. Two lost people who have lost much. Once the two come together, they begin to teach one another how to move forward, not forgetting what they have lost, but remembering and using that to go on with their missions.

Our main characters as well as our supporting cast in the film are all likable and add depth to this world. Having this prequel set in the 1980’s also helps fill the environment, with comical moments based out of the time and the perfect soundtrack to fit the mood of each scene. The parts are all there to go along with the core of the movie, its story is good. We still have great action, including the moments when we have two colossal Transformers fighting while humans run underneath (always a great visual to see).

The film has a good story and that enables it to have a soul, something that you desperately need in not just a franchise, but in any movie in general.

Movies, especially franchises, can get caught up in the other parts (marketing, good visuals, merchandise, etc.) and forget the core that desperately needs to be there. Without a good, strong story, your movie won’t be able to have a soul. This is the key to keeping your franchise alive, but also creating something that will last rather than fade away into obscurity. I can imagine that ‘Bumblebee’ will most likely be remembered more than the other ‘Transformers’ films because it has a strong story and a soul to go with it.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

From going into this movie not expecting too much, I was amazed at how good it really was. The story really fills this movie with a lot of heart, which is fun to say about a movie with transforming robots. It’s a great journey through the eyes of two misfits, it’s a solid film to take your family to, and it will leave you feeling good with a positive feeling. Check it out if you can, you don’t even really need to see any of the other films in the franchise, and remember that a good story gives your film a soul that people can connect to.

-Joshua Thomas

Joshua Thomas

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Lover of literature, comics, and art. Follow me @joshua_thomas__

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