This Week in Comics: ‘Uncanny X-Men’ and Stories of the Marginalized

X-Men stories have always been about a small group of misfits fighting against the stereotypes and marginalization against mutants, all while saving the people who treat them this way. It’s a story that is more relatable now, especially with the social climate. Groups of people continue to be marginalized and put into brackets, we are told we should fear these people because they are not like “us.” Every good X-Men storyline has this at the heart, not matter how wild the story gets, the heart always boils down to a group of people who are hated and feared saving the lives of those who hate and fear mutants.

This week we have another powerful story taking place in an X-Men book. ‘Uncanny X-Men’ issue eleven begins a new storyline for the ongoing series. Matthew Rosenburg, a Marvel writer who knocks it out of the park with every book he has written, is taking our favorite mutants on the ride of a lifetime. The series up until this issue had a lesser known character come back, and without spoilers of the story, made the current X-Team go away. You can interpret that any way you want, but I’d recommend checking out the story. Left on a cliff hanger, this issue picks up what is going on. We follow Scott Summers, or Cyclops, as he travels the streets trying to figure out where all the X-Men have gone. Scott is back after being dead for a while, you know how comics work, and he seems to be battling an inner rage for the way his people are being treated. We come to find that after the events of the X-Men disappearing, the world has become again hateful of mutants, and with a new mutant vaccine that will “cure” them, mutants have gone underground and hidden themselves.

There is a powerful moment where a politician is using hate speech to cause the American public to fear these people (sound familiar?), and Scott shows up to see why this is happening. In a moment where he can’t be silent anymore, the crowd turns on this “mutie lover” and decide to beat Scott. His glasses fall off leaving his eye blasts open to causing unintentional harm, he tries not to fight back, but opens his eyes. Luckily, Captain America is there to protect, but Scott is confused as why Cap is there. “Why would you defend those who preach hate?” Cap then says he was there to protect in case an incident like this happens, but the cameras are on Scott and he makes a call to any mutants to meet him where the Xavier mansion was.

Scott finds himself alone with several radical hate groups there to kill one of the last X-Men. We then have a great double page splash reveal of a classic X-Men character who has been missing for several years now. The book then ends with a “what do we do now” moment. This issue is a triple sized issue, and we then pick up the events of Scott’s journey through the eyes of this mysterious character that showed up. The book then ends with a tragic tale of a character that helped Scott from the first story. A much lesser known character with the ability to see the future, but can’t see the rest of hers.

Credit: Salvador Larroca/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

I didn’t want to give away all of this book, but the Scott story is setting the tone for the direction of this series. It is a very relevant tale of a marginalized group trying to fight for their right to have a place in the world. Going forward the series looks like it will be two dead men trying to pick up the pieces and save the world along the way. I am so excited for the direction this book is heading in. Such a powerful story and powerful message continuing the X-Men legacy.

Treat yourself and check out this book. Even if you haven’t read the previous issues, it’s easy to pick up on what has happened and the nature of the world moving forward. So, be sure to head to your local comic shop and buy this book!

Some books this coming week I think you should watch out for:

Avengers: No Road Home #1 — from the team that brought you, Avengers: No Surrender, comes a new weekly limited series showcasing lesser known Avengers. I am so excited for this.

Captain Marvel #2 — I previously reviewed issue one and loved the direction this series is going towards. Get excited for the new movie by checking out her comics!

That’s all for this week!

-Joshua Thomas

Lover of literature, comics, and art. Follow me @joshua_thomas__

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