BDEM Now (Pt 3): The Next 3 Years

This is part 3 of a series about the development of BDEM. Part 1 is about the Founding and Part 2 is about early incubation thoughts.

Current Struggles

As we’re not officially incubated yet, I feel that we can be openly vulnerable to the public with our internal struggles.

My first priority currently is to build a good culture. This sets the foundation of a strong initial team who will get shit done and inspire future team members to follow suit.

I also want to ensure that the company-wide vision is strong, one of the purposes for writing these posts.

Chris wants to see a first tangible prototype version of what we’re imagining BDEM is going to be like, and I do too. This is our next major step. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been simple.

The Prototype

We have a set of phases we’d like to follow to reach a desired point to launch BDEM officially.

Design and development takes investment that we don’t yet have, but pitching for investment is difficult without showing our ideas as more than just words.

1. The first thing we need to do is study platforms that have inspired what we have in mind.

2. Note what makes them interesting, what keeps people coming back.

3. Note what could be better.

4. Note what makes the platforms nice and easy to use.

5. Put together at least a flat graphic representation of what we’re building.

6. Strategise the steps we will take to build a non-operable prototype of our platform.

7. Take prototype into beta.

8. Take beta to market to a select section of chosen testers.

9. Approach investors with Beta.

Keep Momentum Internally by Using Public Exposure to Compel Us

When you become obsessed with something you begin to ask yourself really philosophical questions such as what is driving you to be so obsessed? What is it you want as an end goal of this? You find over time the answer to this evolves. It’s Alice’s rabbit hole.

But I don’t want this obsession to be only my own. To create something huge we need a loyal community as excited about what we’re trying to achieve as we are! So, I will continue to internalise, but I’m going to start expressing it more in posts like these, eventually providing a stable community space for like-minded fans of independent and electronic music.

Spending More Time Around Artists and People in the Creative Industries

I’m scared that I’m drifting too far away from my passion of music and people I truly want to be around — artists and creatives.

This drives me to keep focused on BDEM, as that’s my ticket to ‘freedom’.

There’s a TEDx talk on YouTube about ‘what freedom means to you’. To me, freedom means not being confined to an office and being out and in inspiring places and with inspiring people as much as possible but still productive and achieving goals towards my mission.

An office has its place, I like to be in one when I’m getting shit done, which I aim to be for at least 50% of my week upon completion of the startup phase of BDEM, the other 50% I want to spend experiencing being in studios hearing great music being made, and around people, doing inspiring shit!

This is something I’d like BDEM to become about as a whole. Remote working will be largely encouraged, as will working on-the-go, working whilst commuting, walking meetings and al fresco lunch meetings.

The days of being confined behind desks in offices is over. We know how to set our technology up to make this happen, and progress. So, BDEM will be a company with staff who always have it in mind to achieve daily/weekly/monthly objectives, but will be free where they can do that from so that we always have the ability to network with inspiring people!

BDEM should be like a Rock band, it exists for the freedom and craziness of all, but everybody is devoted to the band and making sure every single gig is the best they’ve ever done.

More Time in the City

I’m not about being in a small town and that’s been sucking energy out of me for quite some time. It’s also not a good environment for a startup.

On a personal level, I want to be able to come in from work, light an incense stick, doss on my sofa for an hour and then go “fuck this, I fancy going out for some Jazz/wine bar/food with friends/network and meet some new people/lay on a field in a park with a bottle of wine/go to a decent gym” on a Monday night.

In the city, every day is an adventure. When BDEM starts up officially, we’ll be in a city. We’ve got a few in mind!

I come further alive in cities, I feel I attract more opportunities and I just have a bigger sense of belonging. From now, I’m going to make an effort to spend more time in cities and meet up with artists and other professionals in the creative realm just to hang out and be involved in their poetic journey through life.

I plan to be in a city at least one weekend a month for the rest of my life. If you have ways of helping me achieve this then please definitely reach out!