DTF and My Sex Life Sucks: What I Learned from Attending a Sex Positivity Workshop
Sarah Miller

This was a difficult read for me. Lots of pent up emotions attached to history and language associated with the content.

This does truly come down to communication, but not just that. It’s also a fault societal imposed norms. One side of the partnership might be completely willing to discuss their flaws or drawbacks and work them out with practice, but because people’s paradigms are twisted up about what constitutes ‘good sex’ the other side might instantly write the partner off as a bad match, they might also consider the less-than-perfect a substitute for better options and too much hard work.

Then, there’s the passion aspect… A lot of the time we want to be swept away in heated fumbling of pheromones, breathy kisses and perfect dancing of sexual movement.. Thinking that it was planned and we didn’t ‘just work each other’s bodies out in the feral darkness of red wine blur’ can seem a bit scientific.

Reading this stuff can make it seem daunting to find a partner who will be satisfied.

Do they do these sex positive things for dudes?!