To Whom Do We Owe Our Success & Comfort?

I am ambitious and work hard towards what I consider success.

But, during my fantasies about where I end up and in seeing my progress, I try not to associate with this success (or start getting into the narcissistic notion that I am the reason for it).

Considering this from a ‘nurture’ perspective, rather than including any notion of natural talent, what factors play into people becoming succesful?

Although countered countless times by ‘something-to-nothing’ stars and geniuses, I believe that most success starts with where you come from, meaning predominantly your family you were bought up with. More importantly, I think the principles you’re bought up with help you with social circumstance and environment-awareness. These are a big factor on what helps you learn, grow and adapt.

Opportunity is the keyword of success, making and taking them. But without some key positive morals, values, beliefs and behaviours imposed on you by your parents and family, you may be handicapped stepping out into the world.

If at a young age you’re not encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility, tenacity, self-assurance, self-entitlement, manners & etiquette, passion and sensibility then it slows down your progress. Having to ensure all of those are covered with effort later than childhood and having to build them as skills with practice will take some inner work and will delay you compared with somebody who’s been bought up with those attributes.

I went to school, college, university, I had presents at birthdays and Christmas, my parents helped with my homework, we had television, we had a roof above our head and we had food - even Sunday dinners at the table. We were brought up to respect our elders, help those in need, not to be a bully but to stand up for ourselves and that books and learning are useful and enjoyable pastimes.

This is entry level in the First World, but luxury for a lot of the world. So, my ambitions will already be far off the mark than somebody who hasn’t been blessed with my conditions; as will my drivers, sense of entitlement and increase in taking things for granted.

So whom do we owe our success & comfort too? Did our parents bring us up with intention of preventing us of making their mistakes? Are we supposed to be the improved legacy of our parents? Generally, I guess so. But I’m not naive to the fact that some parents haven’t been anywhere near as supportive as mine.

I have my own goals and things I want to achieve and own, but once they’re out the way I’ll not be chasing for more and more material things, I’ll start to give back to other people. The first people I’ll give back to will be my parents, because I owe them before anybody else for the expense of my upbringing.

Once I’ve shared my success with my parents and helped fulfil some of the dreams they may have had by dedicating their time into bringing me and my brother up, I will look further to see who else I owe for my success. Who else should I be giving back to?

People have fought for our freedom in Wars... Do I owe them?

Hold on, what about even further back? What about Mike Skinner’s point:

For billions of years since the outset of time,
Every single one of your ancestors survived,
Every single person on your Mum & Dad’s side successfully looked after and passed onto new life.
What are the chances of that like?
It comes to me once in a while.
And everywhere I tell folk, it gets the best smile.

We owe everything we are today to our ancestors. So how can we pay them back? What we don’t do is, we don’t fuck our world up for future generations. That’s an insult to everything we’ve been blessed with in this age through the work of our previous generations.

So it’s regeneration, it’s futurism, it’s about doing what’s necessary to move towards our capabilities and abilities as a global nation. So my focus will increasingly be on technologies, automation, active support for clean & free energies, service-based resources, new economies, veritcal farming and space exploration.