Man, what a year, but we made it. Thanksgiving, finally, we can get togeth — never mind.

A lot of people are staying home this holiday, because of the spike in COVID. For those of us venturing out to see loved ones, good luck. Chances are your family has at least one, or all, of these characters.

‘AirPods’ Aaron — Aaron is your cousin working on a sleek new startup he can’t tell you about. He’s also notorious for keeping wireless pods in his ears at all times. Weddings, nature walks, it doesn’t matter. Aaron has to be connected, and…

Image courtesy of NFL & CBS

’Twas the night before Baltimore, when all through The Land

Browns fans were ready for what Stefanski had planned

The locker room was spread out and handled with care

Cleveland was optimistic, even with COVID in air

Austin Hooper was nestled all snug in his bed

While visions of catches danced in his head

And Priefer running special teams, and Berry managing the cap

Fans shook their heads, knowing last year’s coaching was crap

What Ryan Tannehill’s new contract reveals about non-traditional career paths

Ryan Tannehill, image courtesy of ESPN

Ryan Tannehill, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, was rewarded this past weekend with the biggest contract of his career.

The deal is for four years, and worth $118 million total. Here’s the breakdown:

2020 — $17.5 million fully guaranteed.

2021 — $24.5 million fully guaranteed.

2022 — $29 million guaranteed for injury at signing and fully guaranteed on 5th day of 2021 league year.

2023 — $27.5 million base.

$62 million is guaranteed. …

All of us would want that ‘I have a dream’ moment. Reagan had it with ‘tear down this wall’ and Lincoln had it with ‘Four score and seven years ago’.

Most of us up to this point are probably most remembered for phrases like:

“Wait, is this on? …OK, cool. So my name’s Jeff and I’m stoked to be Tom’s best man.”

“So as you can see the key performance indicators have us trending nicely into Q3.”

Don’t worry, there’s still time for your ‘dream’ moment. …

Which one of these hometown heroes will you run into?

Well it’s almost Thanksgiving Eve again and that means it’s time for one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is like an Instagram filter version of a drinking holiday, while Thanksgiving Eve is straight up #NoFilter. There’s no frills of dressing up in green shamrocks, or a pageantry of green drinks. People just get down to brass tacks, nuts and bolts. Order beer. Drink beer. Get drunk.

It’s also the last day of the year before the stress of the holidays really set in. Thanksgiving…

Dorsey could be moving Josh Bookman for a new left tackle

The Browns are 2–5 and the most penalized team in the NFL. Lack of discipline, lack of focus, lack of Kevin Zeitler, the list goes on.

Not all is hope is lost. If you listen to sports talk radio you’d believe the Browns second-half of the schedule is a guaranteed nine wins against the junior college circuit.

Getting A win, let alone MANY wins, is going to be a challenge. Here’s 3 players the Browns can go after, and what they can offer with a little help from 92.3…

Alec Baldwin has yelled at more women and kids then Tyreek Hill.

Alec’s wife is so young she only knows Kim Basinger as Eminem’s mom.

Alec Baldwin was once banned from the Philippines. Now if we can just get his movies banned in the states.

Alec Baldwin has five kids. He respects four of them.

Alec Baldwin does an amazing impression of Donald Trump, right down to the hot daughter.

Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane because he refused to stop playing ‘Words With Friends’. I know what you’re thinking — Alec has friends?

Some say Alec has an…

Image courtesy of Daryl Ruiter

’Twas the night before the home opener, when all through the land

Not a Browns fan was stirring, for they knew what Dorsey had planned

The muni lot was quiet and there was hope in the air

Excitement was building as kickoff soon would be there

Myles Garret was nestled all snug in his bed

While visions of sacking Mariota danced in his head

And Swagger in his doghouse and Freddie with his cap

Fans pulled up their tickets on the Browns mobile app

When out on West 6th arose such a clatter

It wasn’t Kareem Hunt, so it really…

Baker is getting married this weekend. This is the speech Browns fans would give.

Good evening everyone. Hello there! For those of you I haven’t met, my name is the city of Cleveland and I am honored to be Baker’s best man. One of the other groomsmen asked me if woke up feeling ‘Dangerous.’ I said no, because I haven’t slept since we acquired OBJ.

I know many of you weren’t thrilled when I kept yelling ‘Super Bowl, Super Browns!’ at the ceremony earlier, but I can’t hide my excitement for Baker, Emily, and the upcoming 2019 season.

First off…

Little takeways that can help you make a big impact

Stumbled on to this book from Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval last year at the world’s greatest bookstore, McKay’s in Knoxville.

Here are some quotes from the book that we can all revisit from time to time.

The fact is, no one gets ahead, wins the promotion, or saves the guy or girl, without noticing, sweating over, and taking care of the small stuff.

It is our small behaviors that so often define us and create an imprint of who we are.

Small, seemingly insignificant acts are powerful agents…

Joshua Womack

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