Announcing New Documentation for Zoom REST API

Joshua Woodward
Jun 19, 2017 · 2 min read


Today we are happy to announce the release of our new documentation for the Zoom REST API. You can view our new documentation hosted on GitHub. This redesign includes many new developer friendly enhancements. First, a single page document with a 3 column layout; a navigation column, a detailed description column and an examples column.


Being a single page document this allows you to search across all of the APIs, with a new search feature that allows you to filter out content by keyword.


The description column and the examples column make it easy to see side by side all the details of a specific API call. The required arguments are easily distinguishable from the optional arguments, as well as the default values for certain arguments. Then directly to the right of the description you will see a clear example request and response for this API call. Currently we support cURL and our Node.js library examples with more coming in the future.


Another key benefit to the new documentation is that it is open source and hosted on GitHub. This allows you, the community, to contribute to this documentation by submitting issues and fixes via pull requests. Each endpoint has it’s own source file written in easy to read markdown that you can submit a change to. Also, if you find that something is missing or incomplete, you can submit an issue and track it’s progress.


Also included in this release is the OpenAPI (swagger 2.0) specification: openapi.v2.json

This specification JSON will allow you to generate a library specific to your desired language using the Swagger Code Generator. You can find details on how to this in this blog post.

We’re excited about our new documentation and believe that it will help you while you build your applications using the Zoom REST API. Please join us in our developer community and let us know any feedback you might have. Develop Happy!

Joshua Woodward

Written by

Developer Advocate @zoom_us

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