East of Human, Less Than Man
C.S. Taniguchi

Although I don’t always agree with Plan A Mag’s reflexive left-wing dismissal of Trump and the structural economic problem that led many minority groups to vote for his “blow the shit up” catharsis, I was so excited to find this magazine and its ability to forge a third way between alt-right Asians and left-wing activist Asians. I read almost every article (yes, even the skin care paean) with gusto, appreciating these young urban millenials who’ve created a platform for heterodox thought.

Then I read this rubbish. Mind you, after laboring through this Gender Studies 101 verbiage, I kind of agree with most everything the writer is trying to say, but his weakness (in academic terms, “ass-holiery”) is his blanket embrace of mastabatory tautological language that belies a writer who’s not confident in his own ideas.

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