With the release of the new CLIs, here’s a small guide to help you make use of the CLI and build a site on the SAFE Network in three simple commands.

But first, let’s get you set up!

What you’ll need before we start;

Helpfully, we’ve got a guide on how to download both of these, plus user guides for both SAFE_CLI and SAFE_auth that we’d recommend you have handy as they give you a detailed overview of what functionality each give you. …

An example of using WebIds and linked data

Recently we published some proof of concepts (POCs) showcasing the use of semantic data on The SAFE Network.

We’ve taken the idea of using WebIds for online identity management and applied it to The SAFE Network.

This has showcased not only how self-authentication can simplify a lot of problems thrown up by the clearnet (see authentication below). But also how SAFE can lend itself to zero infrastructure app development, allowing anyone to easily build decentralized apps, that scale.

Here we’ll be talking through some of the data structures on SAFE that provide for our WebId POC.

What this means is…

Josh Wilson

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