Joshu Osmanski - Ways To Improve Your Chances of Getting into College

Joshu Osmanski has dedicated himself to continued education and is currently studying for a degree in Biochemistry at Tulane University, having already earned his Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Bridgewater State University in 2009. Prospective students need to work hard to earn places in the colleges of their choice and can make use of all of these techniques to improve their chances.

Focus On Grades

Your grades are important at all points of your scholastic career, even those in subjects that may not appear relevant to your future studies. By earning good grades, you demonstrate that you are willing to put the effort into learning, which is a desirable attribute that most colleges will be on the lookout for when sifting through applicants.

Joshu Osmanski

Keep Track of Extracurricular Activities

What you do outside of school is almost as important as your performance in tests. Your extracurricular activities demonstrate initiative and a desire to learn more than what your structured education is teaching you. Keep track of all of these activities and make sure you highlight them as part of your college application.

Start Your Preparations Early

Stress can be an issue when you are applying for college, so mitigate it as far as possible by starting the process early. Begin your search for colleges before your junior year, as this will allow you to understand the requirements you need to meet. You should also start practicing your interview technique so that you are prepared in this respect.

Joshu Osmanski is currently a student at Tulane University, where he is studying Biochemistry.