The capital gains tax was an article of faith for left-wing supporters of Jacinda Ardern. Its failure to materialise has been attributed to weak leadership or, worse, political deception. But there is a further explanation: Ardern’s devotion to the legacy of the Fourth Labour Government. An uneasy marriage between neoliberalism and social justice has been at the heart of our politics since 1984. Confronted by the prospect of a divorce, Ardern chose to renew the wedding vows.

Once asked by a journalist how much of her thinking is ‘socialist’, Jacinda Ardern replied ‘not much’. Yet, her announcement that there will…

Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand is a cosmopolitan liberal society governed by the ‘politics of kindness’. Many share her vision. But it would be a mistake to think that Ardern speaks for all, or even most New Zealanders. To be successful in 2020, National must speak for those who do not identify with Ardern’s New Zealand.

When — and it is only a question of when — Judith Anne Collins is named Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Prime Minister Ardern will finally meet her match. The two women are opposites in just about every respect. Yet both have the same…

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One of the principal objections to Jordan B. Peterson has been his relationship to the alt-rightmanosphere’. This shapeless network of online forums, blogs and chat groups populated by emotionally damaged white men has given rise to an internet cult of hate that blames women for a supposed crisis of masculinity. Many expand this sphere of hate to include ethnic minorities, and others who are said to be complicit in the destruction of Western male identity. These men fill the ‘basket of deplorables’ Hillary Clinton named as Donald Trump’s support base. If Trump is its figurehead, then Peterson is the…

Josh Van Veen

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