Precious Moments.

How do your experiences influence your philosophies?

I’ve realized that I can’t continue to waste time in life. It’s precious. It’s fragile. It’s valuable. Maybe it’s living each day, each moment, as though it were your last. What I am saying can be seen in a thousand self-help books, but it’s true on so many levels. By maintaining a keen awareness and level of presence that recognizes the finite reality of our lives, perhaps we can more easily slow down time and enjoy more of the experiences with our loved ones.

So I’m trying to look at each moment as a gift. I like to think about life moments as scenes in feature film, chapters in a book or bits in a comedy show–a series of discreet events that help tie the narrative together. That narrative, for me, are invaluable and precious life experiences that mold my philosophies for what I think a good life looks like, and how it should be lived.

Try to walk that walk.