Enlightenment Is Real

Josh Whiton
Feb 19, 2017 · 3 min read
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rom planetary ruin to politics, it’s easy to see that we humans have hit the limits of our current level of consciousness. How much pain and destruction lies ahead depends on how quickly we take human consciousness to the next level.

This makes it a fine time for us all to remember that…

Enlightenment is real.

Not only is it real it’s also quite natural. Enlightening is a natural process we humans undergo — at least when not inhibited.

Of course we are nearly always inhibited.

Emotional wounds, past traumas, suppressed fear and shame, misperceptions, poisonous beliefs, un-integrated egos, incongruent identities… I could go on but suffice to say they are all just various forms of untruth.

These distortions go by so many names because they point to different places in the multidimensional human being where they can be lodged, and the many aspects of our lives they interfere with: physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and so on.

Each constitutes a blockage that limits the opportunity for and intensity of enlightenment experiences while disrupting the system integrity required for more robust levels of consciousness to stabilize.

The obvious thing to do then, is to clear, remove, dissolve or otherwise integrate them. Or, simply put…


Enlightenment is just what happens when the human being heals. Heal and your consciousness will lighten automatically.

Is it really that simple?

Yes. Except instead of healing just enough to get out of pain you have to keep going. You have to heal beyond the normal, average, accepted level of well-being.

Instead of stopping at the absence of pain, heal till you reach the presence of joy. After healing the presence of depression, continue on till your true purpose emerges. After healing incessant self-criticism, continue the journey all the way to self acceptance and love. After healing enough to feel safe fitting in, heal till it is safe to stand out. And so on…

This is why so few people ever make the connection between healing and enlightenment:

we tend to heal just enough to go from unbearable pain, to bearable pain.

If we do any legitimate healing at all, that is. Because instead of a culture of healing and enlightening we are mostly induced to remain a society of producers and consumers in a vast economy of numbing agents and coping mechanisms.

sum it up: our own limited consciousness is at the root of our problems, these problems won’t disappear till we leave behind the consciousness that created them, enlightenment thankfully turns out to be real, and all we have to do is heal and dissolve the distortions that keep our consciousness from rising.

It sounds like an unusual path to enlightenment, I know. But ask yourself: how does it compare to the usual path of enlightenment? What is the usual path anyway? And do many people seem to be finding it?

The great thing about the path I’m suggesting is that you don’t have to take my word for it. Or at least, not very far. Just take whatever next step is involved in your own personal healing and notice how you feel. Then hold that feeling of wholeness and wonder, “Hey, if I took another step, and then a few hundred more, who might I be?”

The answer of course is yourself. Which is someone few people meet.

Finally. Some of you may be thinking, “Ok I’m willing to give it a try! But what exactly do I do?” Well, with the state of the world as it is now, I am committing to sharing my journey and explorations of consciousness publicly and in full-view, however fantastic, however vulnerable. So stay tuned.

But most importantly,

Your own path of healing and enlightening doesn’t depend on me or anyone else.

If you truly desire to take responsibility for your life and heal to whatever extent you can, for the good of yourself, the ones you love, and your planet, then an opportunity will present itself. Begin with that intention and watch for the doorway to appear.

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