The Money God Isn’t Evil

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The Money god sits on its throne, bored and unhappy. It’s sulking because of its temple priests. They’re nincompoops, really. Heartless financiers, cut-throat robber barons, soul-less fund managers… people whose imaginations are limited to an elaborate shell game and whose sense of beauty stops at arbitrage.

Elsewhere the ‘good’ people of the earth are having their potlucks. They are afraid of the Money god. They curse its name. And they are broke.

These good people implore the Money god to stop being evil. To which the Money god shrugs and sighs, “It’s not me! It’s you and your friends! Just stop doing shitty things with money! Use it for better things!”

But they can’t hear the Money god; they never visit its temple. For if they did they would see that the money god is not evil — it simply needs more enlightened temple priests.

the money god is not evil — it simply needs more enlightened temple priests

There is nothing wrong with the love of money, so long as it’s real love

If we saw the Money god with the eyes of the heart, we would want the best for it. We would see how mis-used and abused it is, how much potential it has to grow up and change. We would see how much it longs for its considerable power to be stewarded with higher consciousness.

If we truly loved Money we would want good things for it. We would want to set it free. We would introduce Money to better friends and usher out all those boring, unimaginative, people who are currently occupying the temple. We would let the Money god come to our potluck.

Then Money could play a larger part in the healing and evolution of the human race and the renewal of the planet, to which the Money god also owes its life and has no meaning without.

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