The Closest Precedent to Trump’s Taiwan Phone Call Almost Sparked a War
War Is Boring

By historical context, cutting the diplomatic relations with The Republic of China in 1979 set in motion the consequences we currently face, we gave the CCP the monetary needs to amass a larger armed forces with the perception of using the Chinese as a balancing force to the soviets was a no good measure to begin with. It set forth the exclusive trade rights the CCP adorned during Dao Dapong . Let us not ignore the fact that the CCP practices illicit organ harvesting , the utter suppression of Tibet ,and the worry some practice of using the DPRK as a loaded gun against US Asia policy. Not to even mention the numerous stories published by war is boring with the subject matter of defense intellectual property being stolen ,albeit a spy game practiced by the imperial Japanese and many other nations on the footpath to war. We shouldn’t ignore the history with the Republic of China, yes it is a risk, but it also could be our rock of Gibraltar.