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Sincerely go Fuck yourself , 1st amendment . Free speech does not have to be proper, it can be filled with hate but at the first instance in which you speak of imminent violence and acts, it became against the law dumbass. For example I can say whatever the Fuck I want about your communist shrill self ,but as soon as I ask for violence against such said person it changes the directive. Your whole article is that of treason . Sorry Hilda beast lost and your persuaded cause of socialism was quashed as well . But America is free, Trump isn’t harvesting dissenters like they do in CCP China. But seriously get Fucked. I don’t see Trump supporters rioting, destroying small business ,unlike the socialist left . With your article and your implications you’d have the constitution disbanded , rights turned to privilege. Far from a American ideal.

Ps sorry for the terrible grammar and haste I was fumed. I should add that I don’t wish to see our nation divided like it once was almost 200 years ago, as well known America’s most costly war was that of the civil war. While I do not agree to the all-right, as I do not agree with the far left, I truly believe you have the right to free speech . I’m tired of the riots , tired of the window smashing, tired of racism/bigotry on both sides ,and I’m just plain tired of the hate as there are far bigger issues to tackle. It would be ignorant to ignore history, to not see that in the lines of civil rights that we haven’t come a far way. Hate will always exist the less and less we actually have discussion .