Are we on the road to Regime Change in America?
Tobias Stone

What the he’ll are you even rambling on about, are you even serious with your lines considering orbis report had been debunked , the offices in question leaking such said material were rife witj disgruntled left leaning employees, excommunicated Cia and mi6 agents working for biased think tanks coming up with false equivocation.

Fox news, breitbart ? Ohh I guess I’m supposed to believe MSN, CNN, and the left who said “the polls say hillary wins in a landslide “ , the whole time saying “ we are the legitimate news source” at the same time spreading fake news, and biased opinion. Are we really supposed to believe the six corporations in charge of all major media, you really think they themselves don’t have an agenda to sway your mind to their own self centered greed ? I’m sorry but the author of this article is a fucking moron for taking the leftist bait. Did Obama scrap the Patriot act like he promised ? Nope, the American people still have their rights and liberties whimsically taken away in the false sense of security.

Finally , the leftist community constantly and consistently call for treasonous assassination, for the military to back you ….. pshhhhhhhh gtfoh. It seems as though you want war between brothers . You are survey on the losing side, take a look at all those counties that voted for Trump. Logic tells me they actually know how to operate a rifle .

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