Why don’t we hear about this???
Miroslav Szabó

Whoa man, take it down a notch. Its ironic, we stay away, were accomplices to murder, we try and help, now were the murderers. You know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

To be fair and frank the US air power is doing everything and anything not to inflict civilian deaths. We have drone operators, forward reconnaissance, and numerous other “eyes in the sky” to diligently separate friend from foe as much as possible. Lets put some things into context, and as a comparison to where we were and how far we have come morally and technically. 2016 Mosul has a current population of around 800,000, theres been close to 600 reported civilian deaths IN ONE MONTH. Here’s the kicker, Dredsens’ population during WW2 was somewhere over 350,000, there were somewhere between 60/135,000 deaths in the matter of TWO DAYS. Your argument is invalid.

To be also VERY REAL, I watched as many residents of Mosul cheered their so called liberators in, well knowing their previous atrocities. Have you ever heard the phrase,” You reap what you sow” ? I am not politically correct nor refuse to be, Im a Realist.

you were rambling so its somewhat hard to put together a rebuttal as yours was all over the place. You have to keep in mind that the ISIL hospitals put priority on their fighters first and foremost, do you honestly believe the same people using children as human shields are treating those very same people? If you do, then Im sorry but this conversation will go no where but to an internet yelling match, which is stupid.

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