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“The next time someone asks you why you’re doing something, and you don’t have a good answer, just say “I feel like it,” because honestly, that’s good enough. It really is.”

Horrible response to another individual.

My experience has been to respond with a question in order to have the individual attempt to think and answer their own question or think about why did they ask the question. The “I feel like it” response appears to be a dangerous response which can be nothing more than a default answer that can open up many assumptions or leave the conversation dead.

Tell the truth. For example, an individual tweaks their back and walks sideways all day with pain radiating up and down their body. Another individual asked, “Good morning, How are you?” That statement alone should have stopped at good morning. The individual who physically hurts with every step can tell the truth, “I’m horrible.”

I’ve stood back and watched individuals in similar situations say, “I’m fine.” although they are not fine. The presumptuousness of individuals seem to occur all the time and they do not realize it.

Another example, “Have a good day.” The individual declares the status of another individual’s day with “Have a” when “Good day.” appears to be correct semantics. An individual could respond by saying, “Don’t tell me how to have my day.”

In closing, “I feel like it” appears to be bad judgement. It strips away reality. To respond with feelings can land individuals in bad situations.

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