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Great article Natasha, I agree! The evidence is proof that citizens want MEANINGFUL jobs that serve a purpose for the greater good of our planet. At this day and age, coal is essentially meaningless to the majority of the country who have access to moderate amounts of sunlight throughout the year. More research simply proves that people desire for sustainable progression and expansion. “Making America Great Again” does not mean regression and limited consciousness. I think that with any aspect of evolution, there are going to be people who fear progress and those who do anything to maintain their “secure” reality (sadly, we see this scenario consistently with the elderly). Why wouldn’t we be using the most abundant resources now, and saving the most precious for a rainy day? I can’t wait until more of the younger demographic takes precidence in preserving Earth’s resources. It seems the elderly have been extremely selfish, living for the moment, and not realizing the consequences of the actions and decisions in their lives.

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