C R E A T I V E + C O N F I D E N C E

Uncovering Heart

“When people transcend the fears that block their creativity, all sorts of new possibilities emerge. Instead of being paralyzed by the prospect of failure, they see every experience as an opportunity they can learn from. The need for control keeps some people stuck at the planing stage of a project.” — Creative Confidence, by Tom and David Kelley

Have you been there before? Stuck. Staring at a blank page while having the blinking cursor remind you of the unwritten words you could have written. What ever came about that resolution you promised yourself you would do?

Fear sucks! Not only figuratively, but literally. It’s draining and stifling. Its effects resemble that of a clogged drain- preventing flow from happening. Oh, by the way, hopefully you thought of a clogged kitchen sink and not … (although, that may get the point across more potently. Haha. Ok, I’ll stop.)

Fear and Control often times take hold of and choke us.

Today, say no to fear and control and let it go (even if you must sing out Idina Menzel’s Let It Go). Take heart.

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