Sherry Turkle TED Talk (Blog Topic 3)

There are many points that are made in Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk that argue against the use of cell phones in the modern day society and as time goes on, these statements she makes only seem to be proving themselves to be extremely factual. During the first few minutes of the speech Sherry makes the statement “Those little technological devices don’t change what we do, they change who we are”, at first when this was said I didn’t feel like this statement was correct. I started to make statements like “my phone doesn’t change who I am”, but after listening more I realized that she means our phones change our perception and quality of life by keeping us glued to them. We spend more time refreshing social media around big groups than actually getting to talk and know people.

Sherry Turkle

Back when I was a child my family and I would often go to New York and there interactions between people on the streets was something that was looked at as normal, but today friendly interactions with strangers seems to be something that gets you looked at as odd. Sherry goes through several instances of this when she mentions things like one of her bosses walking through the office and feeling like he cannot interact with anyone anymore. The similarity between both these situations is exactly what she said, the real problem starts within. I don’t feel like I want to converse with anyone and if I feel that way about conversation then so does everyone. This is why she makes the comment, “We’re setting ourselves up for trouble. Trouble certainly in how we relate to each other and how we relate to ourselves” because the way we communicate with one another has become hindered from generation to generation with the release of a new software update. The world was already heading in this direction, then the 2020 lockdowns due to Covid-19 pushed the virtual generation into full force. Now jobs are having trouble getting employees back into offices and universities are having trouble getting students to come in for face to face classes. Over time these times will pass and the world will gain moment again, and I feel that is exactly what was meant when Sherry said “We need to find our way back to our real lives”. It’s amazing how much she says is coming to pass in today’s technology.



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