Venezuela initative Oct ’18 update

Josiah Spackman
Oct 3, 2018 · 3 min read

So it’s time for a bit of progress on what’s been happening with the fundraising we did earlier for Venezuela.

Unfortunately this time around it’s taken us more time to scope out what we want to be carefully and diligently utilizing the donations for. I’m OK with this though, and you’ll soon see why.

We’re helping the local hospital in Adicora, we’ve had a quote for some building maintenance / repairs and the initial payment has been made. A few images have come through and I want to share them with you and keep you informed of some of the developments:

The A/C unit

Unfortunately the broken A/C unit was unable to be repaired, the salt has eroded away at it too much and it’s not safe to continue:

Air Conditioning unit

The good news is we’re now looking at replacing the unit entirely, so we can help keep the hospital cooler in the warmer climate.

But it’s not all just about keeping people cool (Though we have some very cool helpers over in Venezuela!), I want to share something that absolutely made my day:

Refrigerator repaired

This is the repaired refrigerator.

However, this isn’t a refrigerator to keep sandwiches in for lunch.

This is where the Adicora hospital can now safely store / keep the vaccinations. You see they can’t be left out in the normal climate, they must be kept chilled.

Why is this so important?

I’ve been told this now means that children can get vaccinated locally, and no longer have to travel to distant villages in order to receive those vaccinations!

The simple act of the DigiByte communities contributions, are now having a direct and a positive impact here in Adicora, and I want to honor and thank all those who have contributed to this effort.

Erika sporting a DigiByte shirt

Thanks to the valuable assistance from some of our anonymous community members, and to Erika for helping there in Adicora, we have been able to arrange for these repairs to the hospital.

The beautiful people from Venezuela

I want you all to join me in thanking these people for the time and effort they have put in to organizing this, it is the first step towards helping people. Thankyou Erika, and to the anonymous volunteers who have helped the community.

This, to me, is what matters most. This is what cryptocurrencies like DigiByte should be about. Helping people! I hope this encourages you too.

We have more in the works, and I will share further information with the DigiByte community as I am able to. I’m taking things at a steady pace, I want to be a good steward of the funds you have all so freely given to the cause.

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