Welcome DigiByte to the App Store!

Josiah Spackman

The DigiByte team are pleased to announce the release of DigiByte for iOS, has now been accepted by Apple with an imminent release for iPhone and iPad owners.

Our confirmation from Apple

You can now save, store, spend and send your DigiByte from the DigiByte App for iOS, as well as supporting Digi-ID.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking the developers who made this all possible, especially Yoshi, Ploenne, Fredrick, Gary, Jared and Damir! It’s thanks to their hard work this has all paid off.

DigiByte for iOS

It’s been no secret there have been a number of delays while we ensure we meet all of Apple’s requirements, however during this time it has allowed us to completely overhaul the UI, as well as implementation of Digi-ID, and full / native support for over 50 languages at launch!

I also want to thank all of our army of TestFlight “beta testers” that have provided valuable feedback on the app as we refine it. Your input in to the application has been invaluable.

You’ll still note that your “DigiWallet” app remains if you’ve been part of the TestFlight. This is due to us having to re-submit the DigiByte app separately to Apple, and so we will run the two in tandem for a while with an intent to sunset the DigiWallet TestFlight application in 3–6 months.

We would strongly encourage users to confirm their backup passphrase, and then to migrate to the “DigiByte” app as quickly as possible!

Transaction details view on iOS

This app represents our “Initial” release and the team are looking forward to further improvements, fixes, and features as we make this one of the best blockchain applications on the App Store.

So, a warm welcome to all our iOS users! Keep an eye on App Store Download Link, and you’ll see it appear within the next 48–72 hours as soon as Apple have distributed it to all their download-servers.

Josiah Spackman

Written by

DigiByte Foundation Ambassador

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