We’re going back to Venezuela and we need your help!

Josiah Spackman

Thanks to recent discussions with Tijo (Arcane Bear), we’re going to be going back and helping out those in need, in Venezuela!

We’ve had a short video put together by one of our community, DGBSoCal, and I want to open with this to show you what the plan is:

Thanks DigiByte SoCal for putting this together

A quick bit of history

We first donated a bunch of DigiByte to be used in Venezuela while we were submitting a proposal to David Hay, for him to use DigiByte in his SOS Venezuela project. We told him to simply use the funds to give to whoever needed it the most, wherever he saw a need.

David was able to give 1,000 bottles of water to the Red Cross, and enough food to feed 160 children at an orphanage for a month!

We tried to remain low-key about these donations, so we didn’t rock the boat with the SOS Venezuela project and have others presuming DigiByte had been chosen as ‘the’ blockchain for the project. However, we still managed to accomplish so much!

Then, we went back a second time and donated a whole lot of brand new equipment to a school there: Tablet computers, pens and paper, tables, and general things like that. The result was fantastic.

It was at this time that I put a call out to the other blockchains that had submitted proposals to David Hay to also have them contribute something tangible. It’s great to see Nano are now joining the outreach and helping Venezuela out too.

The cover for our submission to the SOS Venezuela project, translated also into Spanish

With that out of the way, we want to head back to Venezuela with Arcane Bear and we want to go bigger and better!

What’s the plan?

We’re joining forces with the Venezuelan MonkeyCoin Exchange as well who are going to help Tijo (Arcane Bear) while he’s in Venezuela with getting around places, meeting people in the community and more. MonkeyCoin are going to help handle the DGB to Bolívar transfer too (So we can get things for people easily in Venezuela), and they are also looking at adding DigiByte to their Exchange.

DigiByte and Venezuela

Arcane Bear will be going to be going in to the community, to help orphanages, churches, outreach programs and more. The more we can raise, the bigger impact we can have on a nation suffering from insane levels of hyperinflation.

We want to build on the last two philanthropic adventures we’ve done with David Hay over the last 4 months, and really take it to the next level. That’s where Arcane Bear comes in!

They’re also going to be bringing a crew with them to help with distribution of aid to the community, film, security and more.

Talking with Tijo, the more we can raise, the more of an impact we can have. Where the minimum wage averages USD$8 a month (that’s not a typo, $8 a month!), or less than what a ‘venti’ coffee would cost a week, we want to not only bring some joy to the lives of these people, but a little relief, aid, and even hope!

So how much are we talking about raising?

We’ve raised around USD$10,000 in DigiByte so far over the last two, I want to raise that again, for this one individual venture!

I think we can easily raise 250,000 DigiByte. I know we managed to easily raise the funds for the previous ones so I’m sure we’ll be able to smash this out of the park in no time. However, once we reach that goal (and I’m certain we can) I don’t want us to stop giving!

Talking with Arcane Bear, there are already massive plans in place for anything we’re able to exceed that by. I’ve talked with Tijo about what we could do if we doubled that goal, and the amount of good that we can do for the people of Venezuela is so exciting! It’s better than any whitepaper could ever hope to be, it’s genuine real-world results.

The Arcane Bear crew will be there with some cameras as well to share what’s going on and will spin up a video for us at the end of the journey there. The more generously the community contributes, the more they’re going to be able to do on-the-ground in Venezuela, and the more footage they’ll be able to send back to us after they’ve distributed the funds raised.

More than just donations

On behalf of DigiByte, I’ve put together a proposal for David Hay and the SOS Venezuela for why DigiByte should be used locally there. Part of this outreach is going to also involve education and even some donation of DigiByte to people there, to show them how the use of a more stable DigiByte could allow the people of Venezuela to remove their dependence upon the failing Bolívar.

This is a long-term solution, as well as some short-term / immediate aid and relief!

We have the chance to truly make a difference here in the world.

How can you contribute?

Simply send your DigiByte here: DCJSNfGsamNYcbZs5HxJPQLpfNtiVAzK1M

Scan to donate on your phone

Clicking on the link above will show you how much is currently raised, and there’s also a link there that will pop open your DigiByte wallet directly with the address. Medium filters the link that makes the wallet load unfortunately.

I’ve donated the first 4000 DigiByte to the project to get everything started!

The goal is 250,000 DigiByte at minimum. If we could do 300,000 DigiByte, that’d be great. If we could do 400,000 DigiByte then even better!!

The more we can contribute, the more community and government influencers we can meet with, the more good we can do, the more we can help to start using a DigiByte wallet on their phone (Which is natively available in Spanish I must add!) and so much more!

So let’s do it, let’s help out those in need, through the use of our favorite cryptocurrency.

Contribute to the address above, share this on Twitter / Facebook, write to your local news and tell them about what you’re doing, tell your neighbor, tell anybody! The more we can get involved, the more good for this world we can accomplish.

Let’s be the change in the world we’ve been reading about in whitepapers.

Let’s make a difference.

Let’s help Venezuela!

Josiah Spackman

Written by

DigiByte Foundation Ambassador

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