Here’s why Facebook’s Black Lives Matter sign means nothing
Wagatwe Wanjuki

With all due respect, Facebook shouldn’t hire people because they are black. Facebook should hire people because they are the best candidate for the position, regardless of race. Now, looking at education and opportunities for black people makes it obvious that there is a deeper problem than just the rates of hiring. I see a lot of articles and posts like this that condemn major companies for not hiring more people of color but ultimately there’s a smaller pool of qualified talent that are people of color.

So back to education. We see the same disparity between white people and people of color in attendance and graduation. Does the problem start in education? No. Education is yet another symptom of the problem. Let’s keep going down the rabbit hole.

What about the home? How do people of color grow up? What do they face? Poverty? Broken homes? Pressure to join a gang? A society that treats them like they’re lesser people? Now we start to see some of the sources to the problems. Of course it is not so simple as that, but it’s important to look at the root of problems, not the symptoms. I think it’s great that Facebook is making an effort to hire more black people. However, to expect total equity in the number of people from each ethnicity, at this point, is unrealistic. There are too many other issues in the way for that to be achieved. There’s still too much inequity in education and talent. No company can be expected to hire someone who is less qualified simply to fulfill a quota.

We should be focusing on healing the root of the problem. Empower black people from their birth to have the same opportunities, the same education, the same support, etc. as others. Only then will you have a society that experiences equality, or at least the closest we can get to it.