Creator vs. Consumer

I’m taking my Instagram seriously… I hate that I’m writing this. It feels so kitschy. And I’ve rolled my eyes when reading similar posts, but here goes.

OK so this is really vulnerable to post. Because by posting it I am going to be held accountable for my words.

On this very blog in 2016 I wrote: “For every hour of music that I listen to I aim to spend 12 minutes playing or writing music, and so on…” I failed. Miserably. But it turns out I still agree with myself, at least the principal of it.

My previous job was looking at other people’s content and deciding what was good enough to get on the World Race feed. My job was to literally look at other people’s travel pictures while sitting in an office in Gainesville, Georga. It was a sweet season and I learned a lot about discipline, but it was not a time of much originality or creativity.

I moved to Nashville, and it’s time for a change. I’m embracing the bug I’ve had since birth: creativity. This is me getting back on the horse. This is my gritting me teeth and choosing to believe that I have something to say. And it’s terrifying as hell.

I’m terrified of breaking commitments. But I believe I’m entering into a season of life starting things, making things, and sharing.

Right now it’s going to look like starting a new business, writing some blogs, watercolor painting, foodiegrams, or deep reflections on my theories about a life well-lived.

Anyway, this is me saying: keep me accountable? I feel better when I’m creating things and not just consuming things. And I think that may be a universal truth for humans of the digital age. If you want you take this journey also, I would love to be your partner in it. Let’s do this.