Launch Center Pro & Daily Journaling

Update: Launch Center Pro was updated to version 2.3 with all kinds of amazing features! Read more about it here.

I was recently reading about meal logging with Day One & Launch Center Pro on The Newsprint. I’m not very disciplined at digital journaling, and Josh got me thinking. I began to devise a few of my own actions, generally based around menial events that had a daily significance.

Most of these actions are based around things that I’ve enjoyed throughout the day– a good glass of wine, a favourite beer, a perfect coffee or a great book. In fact, I compiled so many actions that I created a dedicated group in Launch Center Pro; Input. Here’s what it looks like right now:

It’s far easier for me to keep on top of documenting these very tangible things throughout my day. My *Daily Summary* action has a very important “Physical Notebook Reference” field at the end. This is because I still primarily write my thoughts down on physical paper, usually in Field Notes Brand notebooks or Moleskine Cahiers. This field allows me to easily make reference to which notebook I’ve written in that day (thanks to Josh for giving me this idea).

The list so far:

- Daily Summary — intended to give a brief summary of my day. I’ll refine it a bit more, perhaps to abandon the table format.
- Book Log — via The Newsprint
- Meal Log— via The Newsprint
- Cocktails Log
- Film Log — a movie entry action
- Wine Log
- Beer Log — via Jeff Mueller
- Coffee Log— adapted from Ben Tsai's coffee log


Upon Josh’s request, I’ve added a Sleep Log.