Josiane Peluso: Boating Must Haves

The water ripples rhythmically, the breeze surrounds you, carrying the smell of the sea. Boating season is in, and the worst day of boating beats the best day of working. But there are few things worse than when you’re out on the water and you have a moment of realization. You forgot something. Maybe something that just makes your day more relaxing, but even worse, maybe it’s something you need to boat safely! With that worrisome predicament in mind, Josiane Peluso highlights some boating essentials that you are going to want to have out there with you.

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General Safety Equipment

Given the necessity of these items, hopefully you do not require a list to remember them, but none-the-less, here is a recap. A full fuel tank, a first aid kit, a bail bucket, a paddle, a watertight flashlight, a fire extinguisher, and a whistle and lifejacket for each passenger. Similar items that, while not necessary, are highly recommended include extra sunscreen, water, snacks, and clothes. Most items that you might take boating are for convenience, and you can still safely boat without them. Missing these items can not only ruin a trip but make the excursion actively unsafe or dangerous.

Satellite Messenger and/or GPS

If you have any intention of boating far enough out that you lose sight of the coastline a satellite messenger is a necessity. The possibility of getting lost at sea is simply too dangerous to risk not bringing some sort of emergency device that you can you to call for help should the situation occur. A GPS is equally helpful and can help to ensure you don’t lose your way back home in the first place. Although, there is always the possibility of a GPS malfunctioning, or of the batteries dying. Josiane Peluso adds that bringing a physical compass can help add that extra little bit of safety.

A Dry Box

Should a storm start suddenly, or the waves start to get big, you are likely going to get wet. But your belongings don’t all have to get wet too. The addition of a dry box can be a great purchase for any boat. Providing a place to keep your personal effects dry should anything happen. After all, you are out in the middle of a body of water.

A Cooler

It’s not just for keeping alcohol cold or transferring food to an event. Josiane Peluso explains that being out under the sun all day is extremely dehydrating, so keeping a cooler full of water on your boat for those long hot days can be a lifesaver. Keeping them cold is just a bonus, who wants to drink warm water?

Boat Grill

Maybe you don’t like grilled foods. Maybe you’d rather just pack something and bring it with you. But for many, there’s nothing better than a freshly cooked meal out on the sea. Whether alone on a relaxing solo trip, or cooking for friends on the fourth of July, the addition of some fresh barbecue can only serve to elevate your day on the water. Just make sure you’re keeping your meat in a cooler before you toss it on the grill, you wouldn’t want to eat meat that’s been sitting under the warm sun all day.

Of course, there’s an endless array of items that you could, and should, bring out with you onto the water. But Josiane Peluso hopes that this list of essentials helps to make sure that you don’t get out there and realize you forgot something that you will regret later.

Originally published at on July 26, 2019.

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Josiane is a Healthcare Executive in the New York area who enjoys: hiking, reading, boating, and traveling. She has a Master’s Degree from Brooklyn College.

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