Stepping out of the boat

i’ve stepped out of the boat

out of the security of all that i have known

the security of familiarity and tradition

all to follow a voice

a hauntingly beautiful ethereal mysterious

but oh so familiar voice

it bid me come out upon the waters

come out of safety and security

come out into the unknown

into the deep into the night

everything i’ve known has given way

to the mystery of the voice

my rocking boat sacrificed for rolling seas

my understanding of it all

heaven hell kingdom bible

left in the boat and now

out here

on this water

oddly firm but constantly shifting

i grope toward the voice toward hope

toward Him

oh keep my eyes on You

and my ears open to Your voice

despite the cold

despite the wind

despite the loneliness

in spite of it all

may Your voice be my guide and Your face my light