The Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine

and why it is important

Why are many of us being called to create a new balance of masculine and feminine power in our lives?

Perhaps we can see the need for a new way of living in harmony with all life. Our Earth Mother is affected by our human actions and we can no longer stay blind to what is happening to her body, our precious planet. She is our sustenance and without her we have no life at all. Our human politics are a not working either. The original idea of elected leaders representing the people or even representing ‘good’ seems to have completely disappeared in the last 50 years. Our current situation in the US shows how flipped our civic life has truly become. It is the ‘Kali Yuga’ indeed, where truth becomes fiction and fakery our reality.

What we are seeing is the dissolution of the old. The paradigm of conquest, conquer and acquisition is drawing to a close, and we are needed to birth a new way — of balance and mutual care.

I see this need as personal too. Even in that place that we like to take refuge from all storms — our personal relationships — there is confusion and hurt. Our love relationships show the edge of this paradigm shift and are often painful to experience.

Our polarities have shifted. As women have healed and decided that they are no longer available to be owned or used for their nurturing and sensual gifts, a whole new empowered sensual goddess is born: one who is adored, loved, needed and is often challenging to be with. As she comes to her edge of understanding, she can appear particularly neurotic to those that love her. For the men in her life, once she owns her new ‘self’ it can leave him wondering how to be — whether being ‘strong’ and masculine will seem like oppression to her and is he now a ‘wuss’ if he is gentle to his lover and his children? And if he (or even she) are very sexual are they ‘sex addicts’ or pornaholiocs?

For me the revolution starts at home between partners. Can we activate our love so powerfully that we can change ourselves and the world? YES. But it is not through the virginal, pious love the Catholic church (etc.) promotes, it is through the allowing of sexual energy to move through our bodies WITH love. This fiery life force intertwined with deep love is a gateway to the Divine. The connection to God/des or source creates the fuel we need to transcend where we are.

I am facilitating a workshop this weekend where we don’t just talk about this, we experience it — working and playing with the polarity of the masculine and feminine energies in the room. It is magical and transcendent and I can’t wait to share it!

If you have a deep yearning in your heart to meet the Beloved, and a romantic feeling about the words ‘Sacred Union’ and you want to engage with the profound energy of Divine Relationship, then this workshop in Santa Monica, California is for you.

‘Sacred Union — Sacred Sexuality and Love’ has been to Byron Bay Spirit Fest and Brisbane in Australia, Ojai and LA in California and Burning Man, Nevada. This is the first time in 2 years it has been to LA.

‘Todays’ workshop was beautiful. I was moved and expanded beyond my wildest imaginings. Being trusted by couples and singles so deeply is a profound gift and I am honored to bring forth this work. Spiritual Tantra based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene is the best way I can describe it in words although they don’t really do it justice. The love, opening, vulnerability, mercy and presence that were in the room are still with me’ ❤

- testimonial after this workshop

Come as a total beginner to the love and sex connection, or come as a seasoned Tantrika ready to meet the Divine in a new way.

Workshop details here

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