Valentine’s Day

The Pleasure and Pain of the day that celebrates LOVE

Today is that day on the calendar that some relish (yay… chocolate, kisses and roses!!) some are terrified of (oh God what am I supposed to get her? ) and some of us are wildly triggered by (will it EVER be me?).

‘Be my Valentine’ is that phrase that we started hearing back in high school. I remember being passed too creased notes with sweet doodlings from enamored boys. I was amazed at their courage and at the sweet softness I felt to be seen romantically, even as a 13 yr old. And then in the later years — reow! — an excuse to be erotic with lingerie strip teases, playful experiments and wild love making. Sushi à la naked, anyone?

And then there are those other Valentine’s days.. the ones sitting on the stairs crying because an ex boyfriend wouldn’t come over and slake my sensual thirst… feeling that the ‘other girls’ get the juice, but not me, those years alone and yearning, with memories that had since turned to dust. Yes. I have been each one of these. Passionately so.

However, this crazy symbolic day is also a gateway to higher love. Through all the confusion that comes up, what is clear on Valentine’s day is that we all have a yearning to be merged on some level with LOVE. It is our true nature, and one we most easily see in a reflection of another person. It is a blessing to be in relationship with another, and also a challenge. I meet people all the time who are completely stumped by their relations with the opposite sex. ‘Can’t live with them can’t live without them’ is the common theme when living with our ‘reflections’.

But could it be that this part of us that melts into tears and rage and hope and despair is actually showing us our proximity with God/Goddess? What this human love drama shows me underneath is a beautiful hope that is crystal clear. Desiring to be ‘one’ with the ‘other’ so profoundly is a beautiful Holy Yearning. It is a gateway too. I like to encourage my ladies (Tantric Dance students) to allow this feeling of yearning to take them over, to let it transform them into soft clay for LOVE to sculpt. It is raw, vulnerable and beautiful to behold.

Meanwhile, if you are flying solo tonight, here I’ll share my favorite lingerie site, Coco De Mer and a sweet video there with one of the world’s sexiest Aphrodites. Pam Anderson is 49 by the way. Wishing much sexiness to you.

Let this night burn in your hearts beloveds. I will see you there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(I truly live this and can show you how to navigate within these waters. Two offerings from me in March will take you there. The first is SACRED UNION ~ The Art of Sacred Sexuality and Love, an afternoon of exercises in emotional intimacy and love tantra with a partner, based on the teachings s of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. The second I am co-leading with two other women to take us into the realms of Cosmic Twin Flame Alchemy, with Metamorphosis ~ The Art of Twin Flame Ascension.)