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Coloring book addict that mostly writes about positivity, self-love, self-improvement, and life.

Build your own “Mind Palace” like Sherlock Holmes.

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Do you feel that many things are going on in your life and it’s getting out of control? Trying to keep up with others’ expectations, life pressures, endless demands, and so on. You can’t escape from daily life challenges. The more connections you have with people, the more complex your life will be.

The complexity of your daily life can cause you to feel like you’re not in control of your life or future anymore. …

Without memories, forget about dreaming. Or rewrite your memories and lose your authenticity.

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Memories and dreams are deeply connected. Memories shaped you to be the person you’re today, while dreams drive you to be the better version of yourself. But without memories, you might not be able to have dreams.

Dreams are the future that you fantasized about and wished for them to come true. Memories are much bigger and important than dreams. For memories are your past, present, and future.

According to the Oxford dictionary, “memory” is defined as the foundation by which the brain stores and retrieves data. And also something remembered from the past. …


Having good daily routines means you're halfway successful.

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We knew that having daily routines benefits us in many ways. Most successful people have their own routines that anyone can quickly adopt. We are familiar with physical routines such as fixed eating or sleeping schedules. Similarly, our minds need daily routines to nurture a growth mindset and eventually achieve more successes.

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is a conviction that one has the ability to learn and grow. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Dweck states:

“This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can…

“Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death.” — Robin Williams.

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Do you find yourself badly dealing with constant pressure or stress? You’re not alone because stress is a common mental health issue that most people face. A Gallup survey reported that eight out of ten Americans had a significant amount of stress daily.

The good news is, one of the best stress management tools is to build good daily rituals. Daily ritual gives you a sense of calmness because of the structure and the repetition of the ritual. To turn a daily ritual into a habit, you need to commit to the changes and repeat for at least 3 days…


Affirmation is not magic. It’s a tool to boost your action and produce “magic.”

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Self-affirmation is a widely known technique of boosting your self-esteem, infusing positive thoughts in your mind, and motivating yourself. It’s done through reciting some positive sentences internally or externally. According to Louise Hay, what you say and what you think is an affirmation.

Chances are someone made major mistakes with the affirmation technique if they told you that it didn’t work for them. They attempted this empowering technique without a deep understanding of how to execute it efficiently. And that’s how they committed careless mistakes with it.

You can avoid committing the same mistakes by knowing the root of the…

What is the best thing about the future? Why give up if your time to shine will come?

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Time is precious. Time is priceless. Time flies. You can cherish time but not hold onto it. It’s your best gift, but you might lose it at any time.

If you live for eighty years, you spend approximately twenty-seven years sleeping (eight hours daily), three years on social media (an hour daily), eight years of eating (two and half hours daily), and so on.

The estimations are from my daily life, so feel free to change the hours and calculate yours.

You can choose to look at your life’s stats negatively, but why not look at the bright side of…

Mondays can be exciting if you want them to be exciting.

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I used to anticipate Friday when I had my 9 to 5 job. No doubt that most people with day jobs prefer Friday among all days. I remember, in my twenties, I used to hang out with my friends on Fridays. Then on Sundays, we sigh because Monday is approaching.

It’s not easy for us to be excited for Monday, thinking about work and all the stress. The thing that I dislike the most about Monday is the traffic. In my city, the traffic on Monday is the worst of all days. …

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