The Importance of Thriving

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” — Maya Angelou

As I’ve gone through life, I’ve noticed more and more that people are going through life just to survive. Maybe that’s how they want to live their life, but I believe that we were put on this planet to strive for a lot more. I believe we were meant to continuously thrive. One of the biggest regrets many people have is just getting by in life surviving, and not truly living.

Most of us just live day by day always thinking ahead to what’s next and not taking the time to live in the moment. We don’t pause or leave time to truly reflect on what we’re doing. We don’t take those chances, we don’t seek out experiences, and we don’t completely give ourselves up to those experiences. I think that this moment of reflection and taking the time to truly experience is important for us to get to know ourselves. It’s so important for people to allow themselves to grow; growth is thriving. Growing allows for us to develop and change as people which is important as we go through different stages of our lives. If we take the time to just slow down for a moment and allow a moment of self development as we go through life we truly begin to live for ourselves. We are all capable of so much in our lives no matter what negative experiences we’ve had in our past, it’s important to live for right now. Create experiences for yourself.

I think the reason that we skip over the chance to experience, reflect, and grow is the constant fear of ‘not being enough’; not being enough for ourselves, or others. I know I’ve had this sinking feeling more than once before in my life, but I no longer let it control me, and I’m happier because of it. I am good enough because I live everyday striving to be a better me, and honestly I can’t expect much more from myself. On days that I don’t feel good, I know that I’m still trying my best. Build yourself up, don’t take yourself down. It’s important to build yourself up by experiencing life to the fullest, by taking the time to grow as a person, and by making positive changes in yourself as a person as you grow and in your life, bit by bit.

Someone special this week reminded me about leaving behind legacies. We all want to be remembered when we’re gone; we want to leave behind a legacy. I know I do. I want to do everything I can with the life I’ve been given to positively impact people’s lives. I want to do everything I can, every single day, to work towards helping people and creating a positive impact on people’s life through my career and just in my day to day personal life. If we thrive in this life, we can leave behind a legacy that people will remember and it will inspire others to thrive too.

Becoming the person you want to be, and getting to where you want to be in life doesn’t come from doing nothing and just surviving. It comes from hard work, seeking out experiences, allowing growth, and reflection. You’ll get the most out of life by thriving, and to me it’s more than worth it. Life’s a journey of growth and experience, enjoy every single moment of it.