Wanted: One Women’s Officer

I am happy to announce that I’ve resigned as Women’s Officer of Warwick SU. Happy because I want to give up this role to someone who has the time and emotional energy to do it justice. Term 1 was exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure and I loved every alternate minute.

I’ve come to realize that I took on too many things in my final year and am taking a step back from SU politics to focus on my English Lit and Creative Writing degree. This will allow me to do fun things like write a feminist comedy show for my final year project and have an actual social life!

I’ll still be sitting on the NUS Women’s committee, so I’m going to take the lessons learned from campaigns like I ❤ Consent and apply them at a national level.

Nominations open at 12pm on 11 January, and close at 12pm on 18 January.

The campaigning period will begin Wednesday 20 January at 9am, the same time voting opens. Voting will close on Friday 22 January at 12pm.

I look forward to seeing the new women’s officer kicking ass in student council, and I hope whoever she is she’ll keep banging the drum about I ❤ Consent! (I’ve got a lot of tips on how to do that)

❤ to you all,


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