Best of Rio, the guide to Rio based on online reputation

Consume, a solutions company for CXM (Customer Experience Management), launched this week the “Best of Rio” guide. A guide of selected places in Rio de Janeiro, based on the opinion of consumers and the online reputation of the establishments.

Through its own technology and app, it monitors the main review sites on the Internet and creates a list of selected locations with good reputations, so that travelers can find unique places to enjoy the Olympic Games in the “Marvelous City”.

The venues are lifestyle-related, such as: restaurants, bars, hotels, libraries and nightclubs. Information is provided on the selected locations, such as overall and detailed reputation of the place, consumers’ opinions regarding the consumption experience (price, product and service) and other basic information like the address and help for getting there by bike, car or on foot.

You can also make hotel and hostel reservations trought booking on the app.

“The idea behind Best of Rio is to help visitors find special spots to enjoy Rio, without wasting hours on review websites reading opinions that often fail to reflect the reality of the place. The app does it all for you. We monitor the review websites, analyze reputations and list the best ones for consumers to check out. It’s more reliable because it’s based on the online reputation of the establishment.” explains José Jarbas, who came up with the project.

The app also learns from users, automatically offering up new interesting places.

Best of Rio is currently aimed at helping foreign visitors who have come for the Olympic Games and is available in English.

To have a look, simply access

A tip: If you access the website with a mobile device (cell phone or tablet), you can partake of additional features, such as see friends who use the app, bookmark locations and see the places you’ve evaluated.

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