Time spent throughout life

Have you ever heard that we spend approximately 70% of our time at work?
I did some research on this. The data is incredible and interesting for everyone:

According to the website ‘ask.com’, we spend an average of 25 to 30 years working.
  • The website ‘distractify’ points out that an office executive spends around 5 years of his or her life sitting behind a desk and another 2 years in meetings.
  • In a survey from “Business Insider”, 25% of employees refer to work as the main source of stress. And 40% claim to have professions that are very or extremely stressful.
  • Over 13 million man hours are lost due to stress-related health problems.
According to ‘Counselor Magazine’, 10,000 workers in Japan, literally “drop dead” at their desks, as a result of 60 to 70 hours of work per week! So common is the phenomenon that it has a name: “Karoshi”.
  • We lose 70% of our waking moments in front of digital media.
  • We spend 26 years sleeping.
  • Women spend an average of 17 years of their lives trying to lose weight.
  • Men spend 9 hours and 18 seconds having orgasms and women, 1 hour and 24 minutes.

This data led me to conclude that we spend very little time doing things we really enjoy, such as discovering new places, trying out new types of flavors, meeting interesting people or celebrating in different places.

Do that awesome tattoo or just have a simple beer in the company of loved ones. Enjoy good live music or a fantastic view of the sea. Climb a mountain. Ultimately, time today is undoubtedly our greatest and most precious asset.

What can we do then to take better advantage of this treasure that time has now become?
If I could offer one tip, it would be the following: Be more discerning with the places you frequent. Because when we go to an establishment, for example, besides our time, we are also spending energy, expectations and money.
And the latter is earned with much sweat and tears, as we saw in the research above.

NYC Crepeteria´s Consume Page. Simple and usefull data for smart customers with no time to lose.

Technology can help us a lot with this task, by using applications (or apps) that optimize tasks, such as selecting new places to go to during our free time. There are various apps for this purpose, each one with its unique features. However, I would recommend Consume for its simplicity and how it saves time for finding places. It can be accessed via website or Android application.

With Consume, the ratings are based on hashtags and performance graphs, according to three criteria: Service, price and product of the establishments. Thousands of lifestylers (people like you and me who look for and frequent unique places) also congregate there.

Lifestylers evaluate and recommend places that have been preselected by a team from Consume. There are thousands of establishments in more than ten countries replete with restaurants, pubs, hotels, hostels, pastry shops, tattoo shops, food trucks and a variety of other categories aimed at leisure and quality of life.

Be a lifestyler as well and start optimizing your time with Consume: http://appconsu.me.

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